How to Install Authy

If you would like to authenticate using an app, download the free Authy App from your Mobile store. Available on Google Play and the Apple AppStore.

Alternately, download the Authy desktop application from the Authy website.

The App will ask for your country and mobile phone number.

Then it will ask you if you want account verification via Phone call or SMS (mobile phone call). Neither of these options will incur extra charges. Click black for Use existing Device, green for Phone call, or blue for SMS (text).

Authy will message you a registration code. Enter it into the App. You are now registered and enabled to use Authy.

When you need to login, an Authy notification will give you the token and how long before it expires.

NOTE: If you are working in a situation where you cannot use a mobile phone, a landline can be used one time to link the initial two-factor authentication to your account. It will ring for the user to key in a 2-digit code to fully register the Authy desktop app. Thereafter, the desktop version of Authy will provide the codes.