Take your travel business to new horizons

Travel and Tourism is a growing market with complex requirements that span across the globe. When you’re paying suppliers and partners located all over the world, ineffective management of the international payments process can be a significant obstacle to profit growth.

Does your firm face these challenges?

Manual data entry

Do you need to enter payment data manually? There is a risk of errors that can consume valuable time.

International payments for healthcare institutions

Partners and Suppliers in various countries

Do you have partners and suppliers in many countries with different currencies?

International payments for healthcare institutions

Exposed to currency risks

Do fluctuating currencies pose a risk to your margins?

International payments for healthcare institutions

Administrative efforts tracking payments

Do you spend time and effort on tracking payments?

Do you know your cash position?

Do you know your exact cash position and how much foreign currency you need to cover your international payments?


Process high volume, low-value payments

Reduce manual data entry, and minimise the risk of errors that consume valuable time. Our straight-through processing solution can be integrated with your ERP and accounting software for a completely automated payments process.

Global Reach

Access to over 200 countries and territories using more than 130 currencies.

Protect margins and maintain pricing

Fluctuating currencies can raise your expenses and diminish your profits if unmitigated. Develop a risk management strategy to protect yourself from market volatility.

Automated payment tracking

Minimise administration and keep your suppliers informed with automated payment notifications, and convenient tracking of payment status.

Monitor your cash position

Know your cash position. Anticipate how much foreign currency you need to cover international payments.

Reduce your costs

Lock in exchange rates for payments to global suppliers and bill clients more accurately.

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