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This annual guide offers a rare perspective and a look forward illustrating the emerging trends that lie ahead in 2022 for SME’s and Corporates who transact across borders but are exposed to macroeconomic and foreign exchange uncertainties.

Global outlook

  • 2022 could be the most unpredictable recovery year in decades
  • We’ll now discover the longer-term effects of COVID

Market themes

  • Vaccine inequality could derail recovery
  • Are markets underestimating inflation again?
  • Post-pandemic bubbles ahead?
  • The green energy paradox
  • Navigating post-Brexit trade complexity
  • Road to US mid-term elections
  • Don't overlook EU political risks
  • China's crackdown on imbalances

FX Forecast

    Greenback, and the Fed, to drive
    How strong is too strong?
    Euro's struggle to weight, but EU recovery key
    Bank of Japan to keep pressure on JPY

Risk management

  • Don’t let the recovery harm your business
  • Considerations
  • Are you ready for 2022?
  • About us
  • WUBS-Oxford Economics future projections

*The information contained within this report does not constitute financial advice or a financial recommendation, is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.