International transactions made easy

More than 60,000 individuals and businesses around the world rely on our global financial network and online payment platforms.

Do these pain points sound familiar?


Understand the costs

We provide near real-time exchange rate quotes and access to our global payments network. You can even send and receive in local currency, so you know your transaction costs in advance with Western Union Business Solutions.*

Cut down the administration

Managing international payments can eat up the time of valuable resources who should be focused on growing your business.

Our sophisticated online platforms can help you remove manual administration, speed up reconciliation, easily track payment status and automate beneficiary notifications.

Forecast and budget with confidence

Does your business struggle to understand the impact of foreign exchange on cash flow and profits?

We can provide tools and knowledge to help you forecast with confidence and maintain profit margins. Take advantage of tools that clearly show your cash flow position and how volatility could impact your bottom line.

Get it there on time

Keep your business partners happy and avoid late fees. Use our 24/7 global financial network to transact in more than 130 currencies, often on a same-day basis.**

Features and benefits

Minimize conversion fees

Hold and manage currencies across multiple currencies with holding balances***

Increase efficiency

Send up to 10,000 payments in multiple currencies in one file

Simplify accounts payables

Capture, submit, track and pay invoices on the WU EDGE® Platform to avoid spreadsheets and email overload.

Do business globally

Transact across 200 countries and territories in over 130 currencies

Expand your reach

Accept more than 30+ different currencies and easily reconcile every line item of a payment

Transact with confidence

Thorough compliance and monitoring procedures to help protect your payments.

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* Some intermediary or beneficiary banks may charge a fee. Any such fees are beyond our control and cannot be identified in advance of a transaction being processed.

** Online transactional services, including Edge Network Payment services, may be initiated at any time but are only delivered 24 hours a day five days a week

*** WUBS's holding balance facility enables you to temporarily hold amounts that you have acquired to make or receive a payment for up to 90 days. Amounts held in a holding balance do not earn interest.