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Oct 13, 2020 | Media Coverage

Simon Bishop provides currency market outlook for 2021

Bishop discusses the outlook of the currency market in 2021, the factors that may impact currency movement and a change in the hedging behavior of SMEs

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A huge change in policy is unlikely regardless of the election results; pay attention to the new outbreak in Europe – Western Union

美国大选结果如何政策都不会重大改变 关注欧洲疫情--西联

The Standard

Markets focused on next round of US stimulus


Western Union is bullish on RMB and JPY


Hong Kong Economic Times, 24 February

Western Union: USD to bounce back in short term but resistance remains around the 94 level in the next 6 months

【美國大選】西聯匯款:美元短綫反彈 美匯指數半年計料仍受制94水平

RMB 1-year fixed deposit rate to reach 7%; foreign firms see RMB moving to 6.5

【人民幣定期存款】人幣定存1年滙息總回報直逼7厘 外資看好人幣滙價重上6.5

Analysis says China’s economy strengthens RMB and the currency seen moving towards 6.5

分析指中國經濟強化人民幣表現 料升至6.5水平


Western Union: RMB/USD seen moving towards 6.5; 94 is a key level for USD

西聯:人民幣兌美元或升至6.5 美元指數94成關鍵

Wen Wei Po

RMB onshore rate surges 1.45%; strongest single-day gain in 15 years

人幣在岸價飆1.45% 逾15年最勁

Commercial Radio Hong Kong

Western Union: HKD will not move away from the peg


Headline Finance

Western Union’s comments on FX



A wholesale shift or a move away from the peg is unlikely for HKD