New Streams of Non-Interest Revenue

Boost your revenue from international payments

We can help you get ahead in the increasingly competitive and complicated world of financial services. You may believe offering international payments is more trouble than it's worth. Let us shatter that view. We make it fast and easy to add this new source of non-interest revenue to your mix. Your customers won't need to turn to other banks, boosting your retention and satisfaction rates.

Increase revenues

Introduce new sources of non-interest revenue. Add foreign exchange and international payments to your product mix.

Compliance support

Get access to our compliance infrastructure. Our Compliance program and controls continue to evolve to help meet regulatory requirements where we operate.

Service customers online, in-branch, and by email and phone

We're talking full-service. Your customers conduct international transactions however they choose.

Let customers send funds in 130+ currencies

Customers won't need another bank. Help them send money to every part of the globe...170+ countries and territories.

Transfer funds by wire, draft and direct debit

Options matter when you're sending money globally. We've got you covered.

Let customers receive funds in 20+ currencies

Make life easier for customers who conduct business in foreign currencies. Open up a world of opportunity.

Get started fast

Implementation is easy. Choose from several options.

Make it easy for your team

We'll train your front-line team and provide easy-to-use marketing tools and marketing support.

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Our story

Western Union offers financial institutions a Fortune 500 partnership with the world's largest nonbank network for sending and receiving funds. Today more than 1,000 financial institutions globally use our services to compete on par with Tier 1 banks.