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What is WU EDGE?

WU EDGE is an international payments platform designed so that your business can log in and easily send and receive funds globally. We are confident that WU EDGE is simple to use, however if you have any questions our dedicated team is just a phone call away. If that’s not enough, here are four more reasons why your business may thrive on WU EDGE:

Why use WU EDGE?

Fee-free payments* Connect with other businesses on WU EDGE and make fee-free payments in 62 different currencies. Or make standard payments in over 130 currencies
Simplify account payables Capture, submit and track invoices with partners in-platform. Manage cash flow efficiently.
Near real-time rates Use the Quick Quote feature^ for an instant idea of currency exchange costs.
Currency risk insight Consult with our FX and Hedging specialists for help understanding currency risk.