Are you sure that the person emailing you is who they say they are?

Fraud is a human threat. Are you prepared?

Increasingly businesses have been the target of fraudsters who seek to gain access to sensitive information through email compromise.

At Western Union Business Solutions, we understand the detrimental effect this can have on businesses, especially in the Pension and Payroll industries.

As a trusted partner to 60,000 individuals and businesses, we have a dedicated team of experts around the world that help clients mitigate the risk of fraud. We want to make sure you are educated on some simple strategies that can help protect you and your beneficiaries.

Download our report on business email compromise and read about:

  • FBI research which found that 26.2 Billion USD has been lost by companies globally due to business email compromise between 2016 – 2019.
  • Why lack of awareness is the largest contributor to the success of this type of fraud.
  • 5 critical ways to defend your business.

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Business Email compromise