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The ultimate guide for companies navigating currency volatility and scenario planning.

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The rise of geopolitical themes such as trade wars, and the growing influence of political figures on financial markets, has significantly increased the complexity around judging future market trends and their implications for international business. COVID-19, however, brought a whole new dimension to global markets.

Download our latest report now in which our experts uncover the key themes and events that could reshape the future of foreign exchange.

Understand your business’s currency exposure and the risk it carries

The COVID recovery disconnect

The global economy is recovering, but there’s a disconnect that’s unsettling.

Plan ahead

The new “lower for longer” paradigm

Counter COVID policies have taken the world into a new monetary era.

Improve budgeting

Today's global trade is not like 2008

Joe Biden’s $700bn “Buy America” plan could further accelerate the shift in world trade.


"This report is the latest edition of our annual guide for companies navigating volatility and scenario planning. We hope it continues to deliver on our commitment to provide decision-makers better access to information, enabling for more substantial strategy development, and thus producing better financial outcomes."
Andrew Summerill
President, Payments at Western Union

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