Are you ready for 2020?

Uncover the trends impacting currency markets and our 2020 forecasts

Our annual Are you ready for 2020? Currency Guide is a critical decision-support tool for any company or individual managing international payments, overseas projects, and the related financial risks. The FX forecasts in particular will ensure your company can evaluate its strategy to achieve better currency outcomes in such a volatile market.

Read our 2020 currency guide to learn about: 

Key themes and geopolitical factors that may shape international trade

Major dates and risk events (like elections) to prepare for

2020 FX scenarios to factor into budgeting and hedging decisions

We know navigating international trade developments and currency volatility is not easy for companies in today’s environment. To help, this guide will uncover what you need to know about future currency scenarios in order to inform your 2020 business strategy.

Are you ready?

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