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Monthly Currency Outlook - March 2021

Our March report outlines the key events and drivers that our analyst team expect to impact FX currency markets in the weeks ahead.

Monthly Currency Outlook Mar

Written by George Vessey, UK Currency Strategist 

Highlights include:

USD:  The surge in retail sales suggested the world’s biggest economy was rebounding after it shrank 3.5% in 2020, its deepest downturn since 1946.
CAD: Evidence of a relatively short-lived Canadian slowdown would bode bullishly for the C$s coming prospects.
GBP: GBP/USD is near the top end of its post-Brexit trading range, but a stretch higher cannot be ruled out before a potential pullback given short-term overvalued conditions.
EUR: Political risks could be back on the map with a general election in Netherlands and two regional votes in Germany.
JPY: Markets are concerned that the rise of inflationary pressures in the USA could generate a “taper tantrum” shock like 2013 when the FED sent signals about reducing support.