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How Awin managed their international payments on a large scale and reduced transaction costs as the global business expanded.

Awin is an award-winning global affiliate marketing network with 15 offices worldwide, 100,000 contributing publishers and 13,000 advertisers. Awin connects customers with brands in over 180 countries around the globe. Operating across the retail, telecommunications, travel and finance verticals, Awin generated £12 billion in revenue for its advertisers and £540 million for its publishers in 2017.

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Managing cross border payments on a large scale

Integration of the WU® GlobalPay platform to Awin systems

Reduced international costs and better payment experience for customers

The Challenge: Managing cross border payments on a large scale

As Awin expanded their business globally, the need to facilitate automated payments on a large scale, across borders and in different currencies increased. Using their existing banking providers to pay publishers around the globe was not a viable solution for their business needs, as multiple challenges were arising:

  • International payment transaction fees were high.
  • Late payments to publishers caused a high number of queries and frustrations.
  • Payments had to be processed manually leading to ineffective time management.
  • Payments often arrived for a lesser value than was sent.

“Western Union Business Solutions help us to provide a better service to our publishers. Their size, reach and history give us comfort that they will always support our needs. Their ability to integrate their solution to Awin systems in a seamless way, their competitive pricing, fantastic customer support and robust legal and compliance process was exactly what we were looking for.” 

-- Alec Alltimes, Head of Finance, Awin   

The Solution: Integration of the WU® GlobalPay platform to Awin systems

The WU® GlobalPay platform, from Western Union Business Solutions, was the perfect solution for Awin’s challenges. WU GlobalPay enabled Awin to upload and process high volumes of batch payments directly from their own platforms in multiple currencies. This removed the need for manual input and potential human error, while also reducing the exposure to FX volatility and international fees, achieving best value for all parties.

Our dedicated support team worked with Awin’s team to leverage the WU GlobalPay capability to provide a full audit trail and ‘at a glance’ updates on progress of individual queries and issues to ensure these would be solved in a prompt and effective way.

The Results: Reduced international costs and better payment experience for customers   

Western Union Business Solutions has been a proactive and reliable partner in the consistent organic growth of Awin in the last couple of years as the solution helped them to:

  • Make faster payments in full to their publishers, resulting in fewer queries and a better experience for their publishers.
  • Reduce the cost of international fee payments both for Awin and their publishers.
  • Significantly decrease the time spent on processing and reconciling payments.

Having proved the benefits of the partnership in the UK, Awin and Western Union Business Solutions extended the solution to Awin’s US business,, Inc. in late 2017 by effectively mirroring the established UK solution, but tailored to specific US requirements. As a result, Awin are able to have a global view of all payments, no matter where these originated.

Western Union Business Solutions is a trusted partner for incoming and outgoing international payments and foreign exchange. Speak to a specialist today to find out how we can help your organisation make considerable cost and time savings.

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