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Discover how Western Union Business Solutions helped CAF Bank to streamline their payments offering into a more customer-friendly process, saving valuable time and resources.

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Global complexity of FX and the increase of international payments

Introduction to GlobalPay for Financial Institutions - GPFI

Less payment delays, reduced administration, and improved customer service

The challenge

CAF Bank is owned by the UK based Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and provides simple, day-today banking designed for charities. Any surplus that CAF Bank makes is gifted to help fund CAF’s work supporting the charity sector.

It is essential for CAF Bank to provide an easy and intuitive service to its customers, as sending money outside the UK is vital to the work of charitable organisations with overseas operations. However, the growing complexity of foreign exchange (FX) markets was beginning to impact the bank’s high standards of customer service.

The bank receives frequent requests to send money outside of the UK which were being processed manually, which was inefficient for both for CAF bank and its customers. Manual procedures also left room for human error that could delay payments, interfere with reconciliation and increase administrative burdens. In addition, many non-profit organisations are becoming more aware of the ways that exchange rate fluctuations can impact when sending money outside of the UK, and as a result the bank risked customer attrition if it was unable to offer an efficient FX service that helps deal with these challenges.

The solution

Recognising it needed to reinvigorate its approach to send money outside of the UK, CAF Bank went to the market to secure a suitable FX partner. The chosen partner had to be a trusted organisation that could be relied upon to deliver consistent results that would help the bank become more efficient, competitive and improve customer experience.

Western Union Business Solutions ticked all the right boxes with its online platform, WU® GlobalPay for Financial Institutions which provides the ability to easily process multiple payments in 130 different currencies.

The Western Union Business Solutions UK-based service centre was also very appealing to CAF Bank who wanted to ensure it could resolve customer queries quickly.

The result

Western Union Business Solutions has now worked with CAF Bank for several years and become an important partner. Western Union Business Solutions ability to provide immediate results and efficiently respond to challenges that the Bank was facing has led to:

  • A reduction in payment errors

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction due to fewer payment delays

  • The saving of valuable time and resource, through using the service centre too

“We have found that Western Union Business Solutions is committed to excellent customer service; the team is always willing to listen and respond to our needs and to those of our customers. Their intuitive system, GlobalPay for Financial Institutions, makes the payment process customer-friendly and allows enquiries to be fulfilled easily, to the benefit of CAF Bank and of our customers.”

-- Dina Henry, Chief Operating Officer, CAF Bank

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