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Use best in class technology to make empowered decisions and improve efficiency with real-time, fee-free* international payments while benefiting from a simple overview of your transactions and seamless accounting system integration.

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Reliable payments

Work with a trusted partner providing services in over 200 countries and territories, with a team of experienced professionals stationed around the globe who speak the language and know the laws and regulatory expectations in every country where we offer our services.


Finding the right platform

Our award-winning digital platform is designed specifically for organisations like yours, so you can efficiently manage international payments whenever it is convenient for you, 24/7.

Get access to over 200 countries and territories and more than 130 currencies and benefit from a simple overview of all your transactions to enable better business decisions.


Time consuming payment processes

Easily integrate our digital platform into your accounting system to streamline your payables and receivables processes.

A simple, 2-click payment process helps you, and your customers, save time and money.



Near-real time

Make fee-free payments in 62 different currencies and have them reach their destination in near real time.

Cash Balances

Hold and manage funds in multiple currencies using Holding Balance accounts to help reduce conversion fees.

Connect with partners

Expand your network by connecting with business partners on WU® EDGE and finding new ones. Once connected easily capture, track and pay invoices with your business partners in-platform.

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It's simple to get started. No software to install. Easily integrate into cloud-based accounting platforms.

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