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With our extensive global network, we can help manage international payments to help simplify insurance claims and reimbursements.

Does your organisation face these challenges?

Paying individuals in full in their chosen currency

For insurance providers, sending full payment overseas without the beneficiary or claimant incurring any fees can be a challenge that causes poor customer experience, additional contacts and reconciliation issues.

With access to 200 countries and territories in over 130 currencies we help ensure payments to both businesses and individuals are paid quickly and in full, so you can maintain customer service levels and simplify your reconciliation and accounting process.

Cumbersome claims settlement and reconciliation process

Making international payments and claims settlements across different currencies can be slow and cumbersome. In-house systems tend to be inflexible, and often require manual intervention to complete the process.

Increase efficiency, reduce errors and speed up end-to-end payments by easily integrating our platform with your existing systems. Give real-time reassurance to your providers and claimants that you can deliver on your promises and contracted timelines.

Struggling to manage complex payments

The complexities of country-specific banking requirements and account structures can cause confusion that leads to payment errors, delays and extra costs.

Increase your payment success rate via automated validation levels and customer support, both online and by telephone. Our solutions can help empower front line handlers to solve customer queries directly, negating the need for internal escalation.

Access to proof of payment

Many payments are sent and received with no issue. However, when a payment doesn’t reach a beneficiary your customer service is impacted.

Empower your front line staff with an intuitive online dashboard that allows them to track sent payments with references, and provide a real-time proof of receipt for the beneficiary to take up with their bank.

The complexity of compliance and sanctions

We know it's critical that payments are made correctly under the latest regulations and sanctions, which can be a minefield.

Work with a provider you can trust. Western Union has ~200 regulatory licenses, and works closely with industry regulators so you can do business with confidence. 

Manage transactions and emergency cash under one roof

Streamline your international and domestic payments using one provider. Our Quick Cash solution enables you to send emergency cash where needed so you can swiftly respond to policyholders.


International Travel and Health expertise

We work with some of the world's leading insurers, travel assistance, health companies and claims handlers, and understand many of the associated industries including airlines, air ambulance operators, hotels, hospitals, cost containment organisations, solicitors and funeral directors.

Global reach, local presence

Pay claims and settlements for your policyholders electronically overseas in over 130 currencies in 200 countries and territories, using your local currency, without the need for international bank accounts.

Minimise payment enquiries

Give your providers and policyholders peace of mind with automated notifications when their payments are released. Our upfront payment validation capability can help reduce the number of failed payments, and provides claims handlers with the relevant information to speed up payment query resolution.

Ease the reconciliation process

Delivering payments on time and in full is important, but so is communicating this information back into your systems to support the reconciliation process. Our applications can automate this function with ease.

Compliance experts around the globe

Leverage a team of experienced professionals stationed around the globe who understand the laws and regulatory expectations for the payments we process. This team includes people who have worked at regulatory agencies, in law enforcement, and at large banks and technology start-ups.

Seamlessly integrate your finance and claims systems

Utilise our proven expertise in truly integrating our clients using API technology along with the industry leading WU® EDGE platform.

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