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Pay international employees on time, and in the right currency, with confidence

Does your organisation face these challenges?

Paying international employees on time

Employees’ personal lives can be impacted if their salaries aren’t processed on time, causing unnecessary financial stress. In turn, your organisation may experience impacts to productivity and staff attrition.

Our streamlined international payroll processes can help your company get it right the first time, providing peace of mind both to you and your employees.

Cross-border privacy and transparency

Protecting your employees’ data and privacy is critical, and this may be more complicated when cross-border salary payments are involved.

Work with a trusted partner providing services in 200+ countries and territories. 

Complicated international payroll processes

Labour intensive payment processes can lead to incorrect payment amounts and lost transactions, ultimately impacting employee cash flows.

Help reduce resourcing and payroll disbursement lead times through a single file upload of mass payments in multiple currencies. Easily run checks to pre-validate employee banking details, to help you get it right the first time.

Complex payroll reconciliation across countries

Managing international payroll, including foreign exchange, multiple currencies and local requirements can be an administrative burden on your organisation.

Easily integrate our international payments platform into your existing ERP system to simplify reconciliation and accounting, reduce manual processes and free up your resources to manage other priorities.


International payroll expertise

Our payroll delivery experts can help you design an individual solution for your organisation, which keeps up-to-date with ever-changing payment requirements, in-country holidays and local processing times.

Global reach, local presence

Access to over 130 currencies in 200 countries and territories, using your home currency, without the need for overseas bank accounts.

Seamlessly integrate your ERP software

Front and/or back end integration.

Minimise payroll payments enquiries

Give your employees peace of mind and keep them informed with automated notifications when salaries are released.

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