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With our extensive international network, we can help manage cross-border payments to streamline your Global Mobility Program.

Does your organisation face these challenges?

Paying assignees on time, in their chosen currency

Payroll for assignees can be complicated and time-consuming. With various taxation criteria, in-country policies and other external factors to consider, paying an assignee is not always a straight forward process.

Our extensive in-country banking relationships provide access to 200 countries and territories and to over 130 currencies. With dedicated in-region teams focused on local compliance requirements, helping to ensure assignees received salaries on time and in their chosen currency is always our key priority.

Inefficient and time consuming processes

Global Mobility requires multiple business processes including payroll, HR, finance, compliance and more. External vendors such as relocation companies, utilities, landlords, and revenue authorities are also to be considered when moving an assignee abroad. Paying various suppliers can become complicated, and overbearing meaning global mobility teams are often overstretched.

Working alongside our partners, we can help simplify data and payment processes to help free up your resources and help to ensure a more efficient and cost-effective system for both you and your assignees.

Assignee dissatisfaction

As a consequence of the challenges mentioned, an assignee's experience can be negatively impacted when relocating. Dissatisfaction can affect a company's reputation, employee retention and bottom line. If issues arise, assignee's may be unable to give 100% focus to the job at hand.

Help ensure a smooth landing for your employee's by working with a trusted partner that is so global, it's local. 

Data innacuracy and privacy

Protecting and managing employee data is essential, but when organisations move into new markets, this can become a complex, costly and time-intensive task, resulting in potentially isolated and inaccurate data.

Together with our partners in global mobility, we can help streamline processes to help to make the processing of data more manageable.

Expanding your business internationally

Companies are missing opportunities to grow internationally as often they don't have the resource or expertise on local regulations, compliance and FX volatility and how this can impact their business. These factors all feed into the complexity around the global mobility process and make sending payments complicated.

At Western Union Business Solutions, we can create a solution which keeps you up-to-date on payment requirements, in-country holidays and local regulations.


International payroll expertise

Our payroll delivery experts can help you design an individual solution for your organisation, which keeps up-to-date with ever-changing payment requirements, in-country holidays and local processing times.

Global reach, local presence

Access to over 130 currencies in 200 countries and territories, using your home currency, without the need for overseas bank accounts.

Minimise payroll payments enquiries

Give your employees peace of mind and keep them informed with automated notifications when salaries are released.

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