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Complex regulatory environment

Many financial institutions are hesitant to offer international payments due to the complex regulatory environment.

With investment of 3.6% of Western Union's revenue on compliance measures in 2017, we are dedicated to helping you manage your compliance processes in a quick, reliable and confident way.

Trusted partner

Correspondent banks are multi-focused and often don’t prioritise the needs of international payments customers as they will favour institutions that bring large transaction volumes, making it harder for you to access favourable pricing.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping ensure the needs of you, and your customers are met efficiently.

Simple outgoing and incoming payments solutions

Our extensive global network combined with our local market knowledge equips you with the solutions you need to send, receive and manage international payments. You can manage your cross-border payments through an extensive global network spanning 200 countries/territories, 130+ currencies.


Efficient international payments solutions

Send up to 10,000 payments, in multiple currencies via a single file upload. Connect directly to our network via API or Swift protocol, integrate our white labelled solution directly into your banking system

Know the full cost

Our global network and digital platform allows you to view transactions in your local currency, so you know in advance the exact cost.

Meet all your customer needs

Process transactions in house on behalf of your customers, or enable them to self-serve by white labelling our digital solution within your online banking platform.

Get the word out

Marketing support and customizable campaigns to help you promote international services to your students.

Reduced fees

Your customers send funds internationally using local clearing houses (such as ACH, SEPA or BACS) or local Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems, and they may pay lower fees using our 500+ local bank accounts around the world.

Optimise you and your customers' cash flow

Our trained and qualified Risk Solutions Experts can help you optimise and protect your cash-flow and also Introduce your clients to simple risk management tools which allow them to lock in an exchange rate for up to 12 months.

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