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Simple, cost-effective payment options for students

Paying tuition fees can be stressful and costly for international students.

Empower your students to pay fees quickly online by bank transfer or credit card, in the currency of their choice to help reduce surprise costs. They can pay direct from their mobile phone and easily track their payment for complete peace of mind.

Time lost managing student payments

Accounts payable teams devote endless hours to chasing up missing funds, reconciling payments and answering student queries.

Free up resources and reduce queries directed to your team with a powerful platform that helps easily reconcile payments with student accounts, simplifies the refund process and allows students to track the status of their payment online.

Exposure to cross-currency risk

As the education sector continues to globalise, institutions are increasingly exposed to currency fluctuations.

Help protect your cash flow and reduce costs by implementing a currency risk strategy to protect your institution from fluctuating exchange rates to enable you to gain more visibility of costs and set prices with more certainty.

Hidden costs in outgoing payments

Whether you’re transferring funds to a colleague in Germany or purchasing equipment overseas, exchange rates and fees lead to surprise costs.

Our online payments platform can help your institution lock in exchange rates in advance. Our team are experts in the education sector that can help you navigate an international payments strategy, and process student refunds.

Complex regulatory environment

Unfortunately, nefarious individuals seek to launder money, and universities and colleges are more at risk than ever before. Protect your students’ funds and your institution’s reputation.

At Western Union we work closely with industry regulators and hold ~200 regulatory licenses around the world, so we understand that you need to be sure the people are transacting with are in fact students, parents and agents.


Flexible payment methods

Flexible payment options that may include bank transfers, wires, UnionPay, AliPay, Klarna, POLIpayments, iDeal, Trustly, WeChat Pay, Visa and Mastercard.

Global Reach

Access to over 200 countries and territories using more than 130 currencies.

Strengthen your brand

Offer your students white-labelled, state-of-the-art payment experience, with a modern e-commerce feel.

10 different languages

Our payments platform is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic and Japanese

Full solution offering

We are trusted by more than 800+ education institutions to manage their international payments across incoming, outgoing, student refunds, currency risk management and administration of state student funding. We provide a complete international payments solution to help education institutions deliver their globalisation strategies.

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*Transaction fee-free EDGE Network Payment services are available between fully accredited customers that have registered to use the WU® EDGE platform and are authorised by a WUIB affiliate to access services in Australia, Austria, Canada, , Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA. WUIB will apply a foreign currency exchange rate, which includes a margin set by WUIB, whenever a transaction includes a currency conversion. Transaction fees may also apply to transactions other than EDGE Network Payment services.