Capture your target exchange rates around the clock

Market Orders allow you to watch currency markets, help secure an ‘ideal’ exchange rate and assist you in protecting your profits, even while you’re sleeping.

We’ll watch the currency markets for you

Peace of mind while you enjoy your time off

Currency markets continue to fluctuate even when you're away from the office. So, it makes sense to have someone watching the markets for you while you’re away.


Help secure a target exchange rate and help protect your profits

Market Orders can help you capture your target exchange rate by taking advantage of our 24 hour market monitoring facility around the world. Let us save you time by watching the currency markets on your behalf.


Market Orders in action

Choose a target exchange rate for a specified amount of currency by contacting your Account Manager or completing and submitting a Market Order form.

We’ll monitor the market on your behalf.

If your target rate is achieved, we’ll purchase your funds on your behalf.



  • We monitor exchange rates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week*
  • If your target rate is achieved we’ll lock it in for you
  • No upfront costs and no obligation if your target rate is not reached

Important to remember
Market Orders can be placed for any length of time up to 60 days but we recommend a review every 4 weeks to reflect changes to currency markets and your FX exposure.

Consider a Forward Contract
If the target rate is achieved, you might consider locking in the exchange rate for up to 12 months using a Forward Contract. This could be beneficial if you need to secure the exchange rate for more than one invoice, for example.

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