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After watching the Budget Rate series, you will have a better idea of how to put a budget rate into practice, how to protect your company’s interests once you’ve put your budget rate into place and how often you should review your budget rate!


What is a budget rate?

Planning for success comes with many challenges. In this introductory video we explain what a Budget Rate is, and why many businesses value it's importance as part of their financial planning.

Budget Rate - Part 1


How companies set a budget rate.

Setting a budget rate in advance allows companies to plan and anticipate potential shifts in the value of currencies in which they conduct business. Here we introduce the four most popular methods companies use when setting their budget rate.

Budget Rate - part 2


How to put a budget rate into practice.

Making realistic estimates by using a buffered rate so that you can cover your position and help reduce risks.

Budget Rate - Part 3


How often you should review your budget rate?

The final part of the Budget Rate Series explains what to do after you have put a budget rate in place and things to consider should the markets throw some surprise.

Budget Rate - Part 3

Top Drivers to Currency Markets

When your company sends or receives payments internationally, and gains exposure to global foreign exchange markets, it helps to know what the the top drivers are for that market.


How central banks, economic data and technical factors effect currency markets.

Budget Rate - Part 3


How technical factors, marketing positions and commodity prices effect currency markets.

Budget Rate - Part 3