Manage the risk of foreign payables and receivables

You don't have to be at the mercy of the currency market. Our risk management solutions offer hedging for businesses and organisations of every size.

Is Currency Hedging right for my business?

Our option products could be a suitable solution for you and your business if you want to take advantage of favourable market movements, while also securing a level of protection.

Our qualified risk management experts are trained to offer unique strategies and products that are tailored to help you fulfil your short and long-term business goals.  

It is important to remember that Forwards and Options FX hedging products are derivative products which involve risks due to the volatility of the FX markets. Engage with an FX specialist who has in-depth knowledge of these products, especially how and when to employ them and what the consequences could be for your business.

How our currency options work

An introduction to Currency Options

Currency Options can seem complicated, and are often thought of as products used by bankers or investors to speculate on the money markets. However, this is not entirely true.

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Tailoring Options to suit your needs

Options are flexible products and there are numerous ways of tailoring them to your needs. 

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Closing out an Option

Determine the value of the option when it is no longer suitable for your business. 

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Am I getting a good deal?

How to assess an Option Contract and see if you are getting value for money. 

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Taking early delivery of an Option

If you take out an Option for a date in the future but find that you need the funds beforehand, it is possible to take early delivery of your funds. 

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What is a Margin Call?

Understand what costs are involved when reviewing your Option Contract and find out how the spot rate can affect your contract. 

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Options videos

Knock-in Option

With a Knock-in Option, your protection rate will be placed at a level that is marginally less favourable than the current market Forward rate. You also have full participation in favourable movements.

Knock-in Convertible option

With a Knock-in Convertible option, you have a protection rate that is marginally less favourable than the current market Forward contract. You also have full participation in favourable market.

Knock-In Participating option

A Knock-In Participating option gives you full protection on your exposure while allowing for a certain degree of participation in favourable market movements up to a pre-set Knock-In rate.

Knock-In Reset option

With a Knock-In Reset option, your protection rate will be placed at a level that is marginally less favourable than the current market forward rate. You also have full participation in favourable.

Feature and benefits

Forwards Contracts

Lock in an FX rate for a future date up to a year in advance, so you can secure margins even if the market moves. This way, you know in advance exactly what exchange rate will be applied to your transaction.

It is important to keep in mind that when you book a Forward Contract you are obligated to exchange funds at maturity, regardless of what the available spot rate is at that time.

Future Payments

If the market has moved in your favour, but you’re not due to pay for weeks or even months, Future Payments let you lock-in the current exchange rate up to 90 days in advance. Your bottom line is protected, your foreign funds are ready when you need them, and there’s zero upfront cost.

Market Orders

Secure a desired exchange rate by taking advantage of our 24-hour market monitoring facility. We watch the markets on your behalf, even while you’re sleeping, and either notify you if your target rate is reached, or process your order for you automatically if preferred.

Option Contracts

Option Contracts provide protection from adverse market developments while also giving you the opportunity to participate in favourable moves. In general, an Option will offer a lesser degree of protection in exchange for a greater degree of upside participation. This flexibility allows you to tailor your strategy to your specific requirements, hedging objectives and risk appetite.

Disadvantages and Risks of Hedging Strategies

Hedging products are derivative financial instruments which involve risks due to FX market volatility. This can be disadvantageous and pose risks. If uncertainties concerning your risk management remain, we advise to not enter into contracts with Financial Instruments.

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