Manage the risk of doing international business

It’s easier than you’d think to protect your business from currency fluctuations. Our industry specialists will work with you to create a risk management plan based on your business objectives and goals.


Use a combination of strategies, tools and financial instruments to help protect your business from foreign currency fluctuations. Optimise your cash flow and get visibility into future exposures. Quickly forecast cash flow in one consolidated view. Revolutionise how you see your business with instant analytics that help you make sound business decisions.

Review your future foreign currency exposure
Review your future foreign currency exposure

Use our forecasting technology to understand your projected foreign currency exposure. Easily assess your potential exposure for every currency you use.

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Work with a specialist to define your goals

Work with an expert to define your goals

Partner with one of our risk management experts to define your short and long-term business goals. Learn about the currency market and how to protect your budget rates or secure your ideal rate of exchange.

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Create strategy

Create a strategy that’s right for you

Work with our specialists to build a plan that's complimented by our hedging products. We’ll find the right combination to help you help manage exposure, contain currency costs and protect your profits.

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Execute plan

Execute your plan

Implement the right hedging tools to meet your goals and regularly assess performance.

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Gain insights on your competitors and take action with our decision empowerment tools

Concerned about economic and trade uncertainty?

We asked 1000 UK businesses about their international payments and trading habits, to learn about the opportunities and risks they face in the current economic climate, and the practices and techniques they use to drive their import and export strategies

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WU® Currency Forecaster Tool

Are you overwhelmed by unpredictable currency markets? Plan for volatility and benchmark your FX forecasts against 70 economists.

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The WU® Currency Risk Score Calculator

Start your journey to build a risk mitigation plan for your business and talk to our experts in 3 easy steps.

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Gain confidence in your cash flow

Many businesses find it challenging to identify where their cash flow is exposed to currency volatility. With the free WU EDGE platform, you can gain full visibility into the actual cost of all your invoices in your local currency to understand the true cost of your international invoices and put a strategy in place to help protect your profits.

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Market insight and commentary

Published five days a week, our Daily Market Update newsletter provides day-to-day trends and activities affecting the market in easy-to-understand snapshots. For a comprehensive selection of fresh currency analyses and market forecasts from our experts around the world, why not subscribe to our Monthly Currency Outlook newsletter.


Are you ready for 2022?

Due to the global health emergency, 2022 could be the most unpredictable recovery year in decades. Our latest report uncovers key themes and possible exchange scenarios to help companies reduce the impact of international markets volatility and currency fluctuations.

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Financial instruments to help you manage your currency exposure

Use a combination of financial instruments and hedging products such as forwards and currency options to protect your business from foreign currency fluctuations.

Forward Contracts

Lock in the current exchange rate for a set period of time (up to 12 months). This provides you with certainty and help protect your profits against adverse currency fluctuations

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Currency Options

Currency Options allow you to effectively manage risk and, at the same time, take advantage of positive changes in market exchange rates. They provide protection against adverse market developments while giving opportunity to participate in favourable moves, usually for zero cost. They may be used alone or in combination with other hedging tools, such as Forward Contracts and Market Orders, to offer a business a powerful risk management strategy.

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Is hedging right for your business?

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