The WU Currency Forecaster

Don't struggle to stay ahead of the market.

Compare your market outlook with research from foreign exchange experts. It’s quick and simple. Just enter your currency forecasts to get a personalised, easy-to-follow report on your foreign exchange exposures.

Expert research at your fingertips

Expert research at your fingertips

No time to research currency markets? The WU Currency Forecaster compiles data from FX experts into a tailored report that supports your budgeting and currency risk management.

Negotiate better terms

Improve pricing decisions with suppliers

Understand where your currency risks are and get insight on FX trends. Reference your report when negotiating payment terms and contracts with clients and suppliers.

Understand the whole picture

Colour coded charts and clear explanations help to visualise your currency exposure and cash flow position. Be more confident about forecasting and risk management.

Stay competitive

Benchmark yourself against businesses in similar industries to help ensure that your strategy remains competitive.

Prepare yourself for volatile markets