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The WU® Currency Risk Score Calculator

Protect your business from uncertain currency markets.

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Forex and hedging – The WU® Currency Risk Score Calculator

There’s more to a hedging decision than just the rate. Get your risk score in 3 easy steps and understand the potential for market movements to impact your cash flows and take the first steps towards building a currency risk management strategy to protect your profits.

The Currency Risk Score illustrates your exposure to currency risk then allows you to compare that with your probable risk appetite to understand whether there is any variance. With this insight, we can assist you with evolving your foreign exchange risk management strategy to increase certainty over future cash flows and develop an efficient decision making process, allowing you to focus on your core business instead.

Note, the tool is designed to illustrate your risk position based on limited information. The right score for you will depend on a wide range of additional factors and, as such, the scores you receive should not be taken as advice or as a recommendation to change your current approach or mitigation strategy. We will be happy to provide advice on these topics following a more detailed assessment of your knowledge and experience, hedging objectives and financial situation.

The information contained within this tool does not constitute financial advice or a financial recommendation, is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.

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See your risk score: Based on the information you provide, the currency risk score performs a basic ‘Value at Risk’ calculation to give you an easy to understand rating from 1 to 10 to indicate your degree of risk exposure.

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Determine your risk appetite: By answering a few quick questions on your approach to budgeting and hedging, we provide a simplistic estimation of your risk appetite. Comparing this to your Risk Score is then the starting point in ensuring alignment between your strategy and objectives.

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Talk to an expert: The Currency Risk Score is an illustration of the in depth process Western Union takes its clients through to develop a suitable risk management strategy. Talk to us about how we can help optimise your strategy and protect your profits.