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Valuing Your Employees

Accelerate international payroll processing

The greatest asset of any business is its people. A company’s achievements are dependent on the abilities and motivations of employees at all levels to contribute towards a common goal. We work with our partners to create efficient payroll solutions to add this value.

Speed up international payroll processing

Help deliver employee salaries on time and in full to meet their expectations and reduce attrition.

Keep employees informed

Automatic payment notifications update employees when their money is on its way, which reduces queries.

Save time and money on administration

Simplify your financial operations by reducing manual payroll processes.

Make sure salary information stays secure

Strict approval models help to ensure that only appropriate staff manage your payroll needs.

Minimise payment errors

Use our online platform’s ‘find a bank’ feature to ensure you’re employees account details are correct.

Simplify the reconciliation processes

Quick and easy access to meaningful reports that speed up reconciliation and accounting processes.

Get started efficiently

Work with a consultant to increase visibility of your payroll process and find a solution that meets your business needs.

Receive the support you need

Work with a dedicated team who understands your business and offers you consistent communication and support.

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Contact a Payroll Payments Specialist

Talk to a specialist to discuss your international payment or foreign exchange needs.

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Sending pension payments overseas?

Find out how we can help you implement efficient and cost effective international pension payments.