Order Approval Security Token

SCA is required when initiating an electronic payment in the EEA. You need to provide a one-time security token or OTP as the last step in your order approval process.

Once you have signed up to receive your one-time security tokens to logon, the system will also use that method to delivery your order-approval tokens. You do not need to sign up twice.

This one-time token upon approval is currently not available for non-EEA countries.

NOTE: In WU®EDGE You can request a one-time change to your method of delivery of the token but your chosen method is displayed first.

Example of a Security Token on an Order

Follow the instructions to create an order for payment within the system.

If you are the final approver, you must enter a two-factor authentication token before the order can proceed in the workflow. The system will ask you for your security token.

Enter your security token to proceed with your order and click Confirm.