Step 1: Select your authentication option

Step 2: Choose Contact Method: Authy, Voice, or Text / SMS

Select the Authy App option.

Alternately, select Voice Or select SMS/Text

NOTE: If you select voice, you will receive a phone call from a random phone number. Then the voice will ask you to press a number to hear your token.

Step 3: Verify your settings by entering a registration code in the first time.

A message tells you that authentication was just enabled for your account and how you have selected to receive your next tokens.

If you have chosen the Authy App, a message will inform you about downloading and registering.

Click Proceed to Application and then you will need a token to successfully logon.

Once you have registered your authentication option, you'll be contacted via that option (Authy, SMS text, or voice) each time you logon.

Then you are prompted to enter the security token you receive.