Reduce anxiety for you and your patients

An online platform that makes it easy for your international patients to pay for treatment

Do these challenges affect your Medical Facility?

Simple payment options for international patients

Paying for treatment can be stressful and costly for international patients.

Empower patients to pay online by bank transfer or credit card, in the currency of their choice to help reduce surprise costs. They can pay direct from their mobile phone and easily track their payment for complete peace of mind.

International payments for healthcare institutions

Complex regulatory environment

Unfortunately, nefarious individuals seek to launder money, and medical facilities are more at risk than ever before. Protect your patients’ funds and your institution’s reputation.

With $200 million spent on compliance measures in 2017, we understand that you need to be sure the people you are transacting with are international patients.

International payments for healthcare institutions

Time lost reconciling payments

Matching payments to invoice can be a time-consuming task.

Free up resources with a powerful platform that helpseasily reconcile payments into your existing systems with detailed remittance information.

International payments for healthcare institutions

Costly payments for patients

Fluctuating exchange rates and hidden transaction fees can increase the amount that patients end up paying.

We can help your patients lock in exchange rates and reduce fees by sending payments via our global financial network. This can also help ensure payments reach your account in-full.

International payments for healthcare institutions

Complicated payment processes

An intuitive payments platform helps make your international and domestic payments more efficient.

Our powerful online platform helps you automatically populate banking details with our online database and provides access to more than 130+ currencies with 70 local country clearing systems.

International payments for healthcare institutions


Flexible payment methods

Flexible payment options that may include bank transfers, wires, UnionPay, AliPay, India Net Banking SOFORT, POLIpayments, iDeal, Trustly, Visa and Mastercard.

Global Reach

Access to over 200 countries and territories using more than 130 currencies.

10 different languages

Our payments platform is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic and Japanese.

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