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Unpredictable foreign exchange rates impact businesses of all sizes. Whether your company is paying international invoices, making commercial transactions or receiving foreign payments, a currency risk management strategy could help to protect your business.

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Improve budgeting and cash flow by fixing currency costs in advance.
Protect profit  margins from unfavourable exchange rate movements.
Our services and tools are designed to make sure you:
Avoid passing the cost onto customers by increasing prices
Don’t cut your profit margin by absorbing costs
Aren’t forced to renegotiate overseas contracts

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Gain visibility Over your currency exposure by talking to one of our corporate hedging managers.
Achieve certainty We’ll help you to put together a winning currency risk management strategy.
Ensure efficiency Your plan utilises the relevant tools based on market conditions. Our dealing rooms worldwide allow you to transact directly with Western Union.

Our Services

FX Services - Future Payments
FX Services - Future Payments
Forward Contracts and Future Payments

Fix costs and create cash flow certainty by securing exchange rates for known or highly probable future cash flow exposures.

If you’re happy with the current exchange rate, we allow you to secure rates with zero upfront fees for up to 90 days with a Future Payment or longer with a Forward Contract.

We offer fixed date forwards and open date forwards.

FXS Bridge Building
Market Orders

Market Orders assist you in capturing your ideal exchange rate. We watch the currency market on your behalf, 24 hrs a day, 5 days a week, and process your transaction when your target rate is achieved.*

*Market orders are typically watched from 5pm EST Sunday to 5pm EST Friday, unless specified otherwise. Market orders will only be processed during our normal working hours on business days.
Option contracts
Option Contracts

Leverage a range of vanilla and structured option contracts for businesses that want more flexibility.

Explore options contracts

Disadvantages and Risks of Hedging Strategies: Hedging products are derivative financial instruments which involve risks due to FX market volatility. This can be disadvantageous and pose risks. If uncertainties concerning your risk management remain, we advise to not enter into contracts with Financial Instruments.

Adding value to your business

Our leading global compliance expertise protects your transactions from the risk of fraud

We help you develop strategies to manage your international payments and currency risk

Our experienced team are available to help you get your payments where they need to be in the most effective and efficient way

We can move funds in an efficient, reliable and trusted way

We invest in technology to actively monitor and identify transactions to reduce the risk of fraud

Businesses around the world rely on us to process their customers’ payments

Our leading global compliance experts are focused on protecting your digital transactions against the risk of fraud

Our digital platform allows SMEs around the globe to easily manage their international payments needs, 24/7

We make transacting globally easier & simpler to save your organization, and your customers time & money