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Request a Call Back

Are you an end customer?

If you want to send money online or at a Western Union location, or, if you have questions about a money transfer or about an MTCN then please click here, or contact us at
0800 181 1797.

Do you want to become a Western Union agent?

If you want to become a Western Union location or if you are already an agent and have questions please click here or contact us at
00800 2643 8751.

Are you a small business?

If you are a business customer and your yearly foreign exchange exposure is less than 150,000 € per year then please contact us through our online platform WU EDGE.

To discuss requirements for your business with one of our solutions experts, please complete the information below.

Find a Western Union Business Solutions office near you:

Frankfurt am Main

Solmsstrasse 18
60486 Frankfurt am Main