Banking Details for Settlements

If you are a customer of Western Union Business Solutions in Czech Republic and send funds to us by electronic transfer (EFT), or if you receive funds from overseas customers / remitters using our Incoming Payments services, please ensure you update your records with the banking details that are applicable to you.

Use our accounts with ČSOB or Komerční banka for payments of agreed trades (according to the "Spot transaction confirmation"), while EUR and USD accounts are intended for our clients who use the services of these banks.

ČSOB payment instructions

KB payment instructions

Payment instructions in ING for Slovak partners

In addition to the above accounts in EUR and USD to Komerční banka, ČSOB and ING, you can use our standard payment instructions, see below.

Below is a comprehensive list of our settlement bank accounts listed in alphabetical order by currency code. Please click on the appropriate currency to view the details in full. If you deal in a currency that is not featured below, please contact your Account Manager directly or our Client Support team on 251 001 113 or