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Get ahead in the global economy

Easily conduct business around the world in 130+ currencies.

Simplicity is closer than you think

Send payments using our global business payment network.

Send outgoing global payments

Take control of your payments. Send money almost everywhere you do business.

Outgoing Payments

Receive incoming global payments

Selling globally has never been simpler. Eliminate the guesswork of exchange rates. Speed up reconciliation.

Incoming payments

Send international mass payments

Whether you’re paying employees, affiliates, vendors, or anyone else around the world...we can help you expand your global reach.

Mass International Payments

Take a new approach to international payments

Tap into our network

Let us do the heavy-lifting

No one else offers a global buyer-seller payment network like Western Union Business Solutions. 170+ countries and territories. 130+ currencies.

Grow fearlessly

An international trade expert is on your side.

Business doesn’t need to be complicated just because your suppliers and customers live in different countries and use different currencies.

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