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Connect to grow with the WU® EDGE platform

Access the WU EDGE platform for free and begin connecting, transacting and managing your cash and risk globally today. Now, for the first time, you can gain the unparalleled ability to create stronger connections, make smarter cash flow decisions and grow your business globally – all from one, easy-to-use international business platform.

Enjoy new markets and find new trading partners

Build new relationships and make the right international connections to grow your global footprint.

up to 50%

The vast majority of SMEs surveyed expect to derive 11 to 50 percent of their revenues internationally in 5 years’ time.
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2014

Real-time, fee-free global payments*

Save money on global transactions and maximise your cash flow

Expand your business globally while reducing the time and resources it takes to manage your international transactions. The WU EDGE platform provides fee-free, real-time transactions in 51 currencies,* and enables you to do business in over 130 currencies overall. With seamless order-to-payment workflows, you can know the status of your international transactions at all times.

1 day

SMEs divert time and resources from other important activities to manage transactions 1 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) day a week.
Source: East & Partners Study

Improve the efficiency of your international transactions.

Conduct international business the fast and easy way using WU EDGE. Spend less time managing transactions and more time growing your bottom line.

2-click Payments

A smart payments flow designed to reduce time to make payments


Increase productivity by paying multiple invoices at once

Hedge to Pay

Real time visibility of your Forwards Contracts which you can now utilize to fund your payments

Manage your cash flow and help manage risk

Unify your international transaction information and transform insight into action.


56% of SMEs find out the true cost of their foreign invoices during or after the time of payment.


When the cost of payables run higher than planned, 90% of SMEs are negatively affected.

Source: East & Partners Study

Join the one platform for connecting and transacting globally

Now you can connect with your global business partners – and gain game-changing insights, expert support and powerful tools to make, track and manage payments – all in one, easy-to-use digital platform.