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From the moment a production service agreement (PSA) or License Agreement is executed, your company’s payment schedule may be tied to a currency rate. But currency rates are constantly on the move, which means the cost of payments can vary significantly and impact your profits. While your financial team juggles tax credit applications, pre-production planning, and closing out other projects, currency risk management is often left unchecked.

We can help you manage profitability

Let us help protect your production by aligning the sales process with a risk management plan. Western Union Business Solutions can help you outline a budgeted exchange rate, and available hedging tools for your business. Help gain confidence in your forecasting, payment schedules, and pitching process.


Producers can align funding with costs

Many film projects are funded in one currency while expenses are paid in another currency. Exchange rates, bank fees, and currency volatility make cash flow difficult to pin down.

We provide you tools to:

  • Gain certainty about the value of funds for production
  • Help protect profits and cash flow from currency volatility
  • Develop plans to manage foreign currencies within your budgeting process
  • Receive financing locally from international partners
  • Reduce intermediary bank charges and exchange rates

Distributors can minimize expenses

Our global banking network allows distributors to receive funds in over 130 available currencies in over 200 countries and territories.

We provide you tools to:

  • Allow clients/affiliates to bank locally
  • Help reduce intermediary bank charges
  • Lock in exchange rates prior to payment
  • Gain certainty on the amount being received


Help protect your production budget rate to help optimize your cash flow

At Western Union Business Solutions, we work with production companies to establish a derivatives trading facility* under the parent production company. This allows for your new production entity to have access to the required facility.

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* Subject to completion of an application and entering into an agreement with Western Union Business Solutions including any transaction-specific documentation. Applications are subject to Western Union Business Solutions policies and procedures, which includes credit approval.  The information on this site is provided for general information purposes only.  Certain terms and conditions apply.