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The Race to Be Agile

It’s no big secret that the financial industry is, by and large, slow to embrace major change. In this past, this made sense – back in the day when financial institutions didn’t face the dizzying array of competitors and rapid technology advancements that we do now.

Now banks and credit unions need to contend with feisty start-ups, heightened customer expectations and emerging technologies. The financial industry can no longer set its own pace for cautious, controlled evolution – larger market forces are necessitating swift and constant change. This is a major shift in mindset for the entire industry.  

We asked industry expert Becki Drahota from Mills Marketing to share her advice on how banks and credit unions can embrace agile banking to become more responsive to the current environment. Becki is a high-profile speaker and consultant who has been advising community banks for decades, and has a unique take on where the industry is headed.

Check out the webinar here.