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Brock University: Online payments strengthen customer service

Canada based Brock University services more than 18,000 students annually, which makes dealing with graduate payments a significant task.

 Online payments strengthen customer service
Online payments strengthen customer service Replacing cheques with online payments has made life easier for both students and staff at Brock University.

The demand on internal resources was one challenge; however the effect on customer service was also significant and detracted from students’ overall experience with the university.

Using cheques to make graduate payments was a manual and time consuming process for both staff and students.

Replaced cheques with an automated, online payment process that allows students to manage their own details and receive funds direct into their bank account

Reduced the internal cost and time spent managing graduate payments, and improved the customer service experience for students.

Automation makes graduate payments fast and easy

Brock University has turned a manual task into an automated process that involves a simple file upload verses cutting a cheque. The university was aware that students preferred not to provide their bank account information, and with Payee Manager students can manage their own bank details and track the status of their payments online.

Lower costs and satisfied graduates

By partnering with Western Union Business Solutions, Brock University has experienced overall cost savings because it is much cheaper to process an online payment than cut a cheque. With 500 payments made at the beginning of each term, and on-going payments of 5 – 10 a week in between, the cost savings are significant.

The most important benefit has been graduate student service, with students no longer having to physically visit Financial Services on campus and stand in queues to claim their cheques. Whether the student is located in Canada or overseas, they now receive their payment efficiently and easily, direct to their bank account.

“Western Union Business Solutions has exceeded our expectations by providing a reliable and cost effective payment service. This partnership has led to significant operating efficiencies and enhanced Brock’s ability to provide improved financial services to our world class students.”

Bryan Boles Associate Vice-President, Finance Brock University

Brock University realized that to improve customer service and reduce administration, it needed to pay graduates direct to their bank account. Replacing cheques with online payments has strengthened customer service and saved the university money.

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