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Is this the end of cheques?

Because of technology, many aspects of an operation can seamlessly shift to this new reality while some present a new challenge – like cheques.

international students
international students

That’s why we have decided to award a series of scholarships to deserving continuing education students at McGill University. Located in the heart of cosmopolitan Montreal, its renowned for its academic offerings, attracting international students from around the world.

One such student is Jephte Pierre, a computer science major and native French-speaker from Haiti pursuing a continuing education certificate in English. He spoke about the culture shock he experienced when first arriving on campus. “In school in Haiti we used to memorize facts. I could memorize hundreds of pages. Arriving in Canada, they taught me to develop my critical thinking. It’s a completely different mentality.”

Another recipient is Adem Erdem, a father of three from Turkey, who is balancing studies while working and raising a family. As a former teacher embarking on a second career in healthcare, his favourite part of McGill is the faculty. “People are so helpful. Our teachers try to help with everything and support our lives in general, so we have a great experience.”

Continuing education students, especially those from other countries, can face a financial constraint as many are balancing other responsibilities or pursuing fulltime degrees in addition to their McGill certificate. In some cases, fewer financial aid opportunities exist for this group as their numbers are generally smaller in comparison to a school’s overall population.

“Receiving a bursary was like coming full circle,” said student Adem Erdem, who arrived in Canada after volunteering around the world in locations affected by natural disasters. “As a volunteer, I used whatever I had to help people in need. Now I received this money exactly when I needed it.”

“Coming from Haiti, I know that even when you have a goal and the capability, you may not have the money to achieve your dreams,” said student Jephte Pierre. “That is why I will never forget the generosity of Western Union. And I am certain I will do my best to give back!”