International trade opportunities and FX risk management trends

We surveyed 550 Canadian companies like yours to identify and analyze industry trends, top challenges and strategies for FX risk management.

How to use the e-Guide:

  1. Benchmark your financial strategies against industry trends 
    Businesses like yours shared their top concerns, growth markets and revealed how they’re managing unexpected costs while we analyze the risks and opportunities of each option.

  2. Review industry trends related to market volatility, hedging and more 
    There are a range of currency risk management tools that a company can employ depending on their financial objectives. Learn how strategies vary based on industry, long-term goals and size, among other factors.  

  3. Apply research that can help you achieve better financial outcomes 
    The report uncovers a number of key insights related to how companies are positioned against some of the opportunities and risks related to international trade today. Businesses can utilize this data and analysis to help them identify new practices and solutions. 

Discover sustainable solutions and practical advice for multiple industries.

Example: Our research found nearly one quarter of companies absorbed the increased costs incurred by currency volatility over the past year. An additional 17% passed on those extra fees to customers. We discuss other approaches to this challenge based on industry type, organization size and more.


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