FX Barometer Report: COVID-19 Edition

How companies need to adapt in 2020 to deal with the pandemic

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Dealing with global risks and uncertainties

See survey results from thousands of companies and how we think they should adapt to deal with changing geopolitical risks and patterns due to COVID-19.

Ongoing disputes between the world’s major economies are reshaping patterns in international trade, and revisions in trade relations may cause large-scale disruptions in long‑term import and export activity.

Biggest worry in FX risk management / US

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What’s currently your biggest FX risk management challenge?


1,000 from US

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33% of US businesses either absorb or pass on costs to customers.

Protecting your company from volatility

Learn the tools and currency strategies that companies can use to help protect themselves from the negative impact of economic downturns and volatile exchange rate movement.

Analysing the now and predicting the future

Our analysis help break down how international trade patterns, hedge trends, and company strategies are evolving to deal with new emerging risks.

Over the next five years, China is predicted to be the number one growth market for international businesses in the mining/energy/commodities sectors.

The WU® Currency Forecaster

The WU® Currency Forecaster Tool allows you to benchmark your business’s forecasts against forecasts from one of the world’s leaders in currency forecasting, Oxford Economics.

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