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Q&A: Western Union’s B2B marketing lead on why legacy brands should embrace digital transformation

Nicole ZimmermannAs the head of customer and marketing for Western Union’s B2B division, Nicole Zimmermann has seen the impact of digital transformation on many a legacy company first-hand – including her own.

By Eric Wood -

A veteran marketing executive with more than 10 years of experience at Western Union, Zimmermann has come to embrace a hybrid approach to digital transformation, encouraging analogue companies across the spectrum to join the 21st century while accounting for the benefits that come with having a strong legacy brand.

“The latest trends, of course, show brands driving customer experience by leveraging disruptive technologies,” she says. “But there are benefits to having a legacy market and experience to draw from too.”

Zimmermann reached out to during a recent tour of Canada, which she called one of the most important components of Western Union’s international market. Read on for her thoughts on how legacy companies can best connect to customers, and why they’re best positioned to learn from history’s mistakes. How can marketing companies use technology to expand their market?

Nicole Zimmermann: I think the largest benefit is the way it enables customers to serve themselves. With more customers going online, connecting to the digital space every day, it is imperative that businesses be able to meet them at the touchpoints of their choice.

In Western Union’s case, this can mean offering self-serve opportunities through artificial intelligence like chatbots, which we use to serve our clients in Facebook Messenger, or using robotics on the back end to optimize the customer service process and make it easier for customers to transact with us.

Once that infrastructure is in place, your marketing can define our value propositions that explain how simple it is to interact with your business – in Western Union’s case, to move money and payments across the world.

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