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Media and Press Center

Welcome to our Press Center. Read our latest media and press announcements.

News Releases Jan 14, 2019

Jacksonville Jaguars Announce UK Partnership with Western Union

As the official foreign exchange (FX) partner, Western Union will manage the international FX business for the Jacksonville Jaguars... Read More

News Releases Jan 07, 2019

Geoswift, UnionPay International and Western Union Extend Global Tuition Payment Promotion For International Chinese Students

Geoswift, UnionPay International and Western Union Business Solutions, will offer a joint tuition payment promotion available to Chinese students studying at more than 600 academic institutions in 11 countries.... Read More

News Releases Dec 13, 2018

Western Union Works with TerraPay to Expand Payout Options to Millions of Mobile Wallets

Alliance between Western Union and TerraPay expands the ability to send remittances directly into customers' mobile wallets.... Read More

News Releases Dec 06, 2018

The Western Union that few people know

Mention international money transfer and the brand with arguably the most recall is Western Union and its familiar yellow and black logo. But while we know the brand for its money remittance business in over 200 countries, it turns out there is a side to the company that may be responsible for supporting the financial needs of private and public organizations, of all size and origination.... Read More

News Releases Dec 06, 2018

Brexit’s Looming FX Risk For SMBs

Yea or nay for Theresa May’s Brexit plan comes next week, via Parliament’s Dec. 11 vote. SMBs reliant on cross-border trade are exposed to volatility, so get ready for impact no matter which way the vote tips. Nawaz Ali, senior currency strategist at Western Union, walks PYMNTS through a few scenarios.... Read More