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The future of international education

Research conducted by The Future Laboratory, commissioned by Western Union Business Solutions.

February 2020.

This report provides insight into the future of international education, highlighting the key technological, social and environmental shifts driving change. It explores future student  typologies and how universities and colleges must engage with these new archetypes in order to attract prospective international students, maintain their international revenues, and continue to attract academics and research funding. Ultimately it aims to help universities protect and increase their position on the global university rankings.

International study: drivers of change

Individual market share and ranking of the world’s major study destinations have been in flux over the past decade. The climate is one of increasing competition, with further movement expected in the rankings of top destinations due to dramatic differences in year-on-year growth rates from country to country. What is driving this competition? Our research found that the wants and needs of students around the world is changing, and that students can be collated into distinct groups based on their demands. Institutions must reexamine the way they operate if they want to remain competitive in an international landscape.


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