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With 30 years’ experience partnering with over 700 law firms across the globe, we know how to securely streamline your firms’ domestic and cross-border payments.

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Does your firm face these challenges?

Uncertain cash flow cycles

When currencies fluctuate between invoicing a client and the payment’s due date, you may need to rebill clients or write-off discrepancies.

We can help your firm lock-in exchange rates for up 240 days to control foreign exchange exposure, enabling you to bill clients fixed amounts, efficiently manage cash flow and improve reconciliation.

International payments for Legal firms

Helping payments arrive hassle-free

Work with a trusted partner to get access to 200+ countries and territories.

With investment of 3.6% of Western Union's revenue on compliance measures in 2017, we are committed to to the Western Union best-in-class compliance program.

International payments for Legal firms

Complicated payment processes

Labor intensive payment processes can be a drain on your firm’s resources, impacting your ability to efficiently service clients and pay foreign associates.

Our skilled team of Legal industry experts work in partnership with you to design a customized solution to help simplify your domestic and international payments, payroll and invoice workflows.

International payments for Legal firms

Limited payment options

A bank transfer isn’t always the most convenient way to make an international payment to foreign associates.

Give your firm the power to make local currency payments in cash at over 300k WU® Agent locations.

International payments for Legal firms

Bank fees on incoming payments

The amount you invoice may not be the amount you receive, due to additional bank fees.

Our in-country banking relationships enable transfers to be treated as local currency transactions, reducing wire charges and your firm’s expenses. Bank reconciliation is quick and easy with fully referenced payments and statements.

International payments for Legal firms


Legal industry expertise

Payment solutions for intellectual property, immigration, settlements, foreign associates’ payroll and payments, partner draws and foreign office funding.

Global Reach

Pay foreign associates in over 130 currencies in 200 countries and territories, using your home currency, without the need for overseas bank accounts.

Seamless systems integration

Front and/or Back end integration with Law Practice Management Software (PMS).

End to end invoice management

Automate your firms’ invoice workflow 24/7 – capture, submit, pay and track invoices in 1 online platform, specialized for the legal industry.

Comprehensive reporting

Customized reports help to simplify audits and comply with your firms’ controls.

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