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Optimise your cash flow

Gain instant insights for quick, sound decision-making

Revolutionise how you see your business with rich analytics delivered simply.

See your business in a new way

See inflows, outflows and hedging in a single view. Forecast the projected cash flow needed to cover foreign invoices.

Simplify invoice processing

Add an invoice by simply dragging and dropping. Streamline how your data is captured, stored and viewed.

Manage costs

Use cross-currency payments to avoid unnecessary currency conversion.

Stay ahead of payment trends

See currency exposures and payment patterns for every supplier, in every available currency, by payment cycle. Make business planning easy with configurable reporting.

Hold money in foreign currencies

Hold money in over 40 currencies for up to 90 days using foreign currency holding balances.

Bottom line protection

Gain instant access to projected net cash flow, upcoming invoices, holding balances and hedging positions in one consolidated view.

Get foreign exchange rates

Receive market information on currency fluctuations. Plus, our specialists will alert you when major changes are expected.

1 day a week is the time SMEs spend managing payments*.
78 % of SMEs who find out the true cost of an invoice AFTER payment*.
90 % of SMEs are negatively impacted when foreign payables run higher than planned*.

*Source: East & Partners 2013

How we help manage business cash flow

WU® EDGE Platform is an innovative platform developed for today’s e-commerce. It revolutionizes cash management by providing visibility into FX exposures and payments to help forecast cash flow. The platform helps you gain greater certainty of costs to allow more accurate forecasting of profits, and makes the management of international payments more efficient.

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