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Aussie climbs from lows on US shutdown hopes

The Australian dollar – along with a range of so-called risk assets – gained overnight on hopes the US government would avoid another shutdown ahead of this Friday’s deadline.

Key media reports suggested US politicians had agreed to a compromise, but the deal still requires US President Donald Trump to approve.

The US’s Dow Jones index was up 1.5%.

Aussie gains

The AUDUSD gained 0.7%.

The Aussie was higher in most other markets.

The AUDEUR climbed 0.1% while the AUDJPY was up 0.6%.


Today’s focus is on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand with their announcement due at the new time of midday.

The RBNZ has brought forward the announcement to reduce the chance of leaks.

The Reserve Bank of Australia made a similar change around 10 years ago.

The announcement will be closely watched after the RBA pressured the AUD last week by signalling the next move in Australian interest rates might be lower.

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