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Increased efficiency with a single file upload

Perpetual a customer success story

Increased efficiency with a single file upload


Manual payment processing was a drain on resources.


Integrated online platform enabling payments from a single file.


Fast and efficient payments, reduced manual errors.

"There has also been a significant reduction in double entry of data. I’d estimate the process takes about half the time it did two years ago."

- Julie Ball, Manager – Finance Operations at Perpetual

THE CHALLENGE: A perpetually manual process

Perpetual is one of Australia’s largest wealth managers, an expert adviser to high net worth individuals, families and businesses, and a leading provider of corporate trustee services. Perpetual Limited has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX.PPT) since 1964.

Perpetual’s finance team is responsible for the management of international payments to a range of overseas suppliers. With multiple payments going out each week, in multiple currencies including SGD, USD and GBP the finance team was devoting significant time and resources to this recurring task.

Julie Ball, Manager – Finance Operations at Perpetual, elaborates, “In the past the process for managing these international payments was a time-intensive manual task.

“We knew we needed a more efficient way to manage this process. In particular, we wanted a solution that would integrate with our accounting system to reduce the time spent entering manual payments.“

THE SOLUTION: Integrating the WU® GlobalPay Platform 

Western Union Business Solutions and Perpetual worked together on basic foreign exchange and international payment processes for a number of years. In 2016 the two companies began a review of Perpetual’s current process and worked together to increase the efficiency of international payments.

Perpetual was migrated to the WU GlobalPay Platform, an online tool that allows the company to make batch payments from a single file in 130 currencies to 200 countries and territories.

Western Union Business Solutions also worked closely with Perpetual to integrate its accounting system with WU GlobalPay to help speed up processing and reconciliation.

The entire implementation was managed at one central point through a dedicated Western Union Business Solutions Account Manager to ensure timelines and goals were met.

THE RESULTS: Removing manual entry from the equation

With an online international payments platform integrated into its accounting system, Perpetual’s finance team can now process multiple transactions with a single file upload. Instead of manually processing multiple payments, Perpetual now uploads a batch of recurring payments into WU GlobalPay on a fortnightly basis, and when the transactions are completed the file can be uploaded into the accounting system.

“It’s all about making payments efficiently,” says Julie. “Our accounts payable team logs into the platform and uploads a spreadsheet of payments for batch payments. Once approved, out they go. It’s fast and efficient.

“We have taken out manual handling of payments, which has sped the process up. There’s no more typing in details line by line and there has also been a significant reduction in double entry of data. I’d estimate the process takes about half the time it did two years ago.”

In addition, Julie also appreciates that she can turn to the Western Union Business Solutions team whenever she needs assistance. “The support from Western Union Business Solutions is amazing. Our Account Manager monitors all payments in case something goes astray.“

“I would definitely recommend Western Union Business Solutions. I know that assistance is only a phone call away whenever I need it.“

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