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Cash Management

Taking control of volatility and business profits

Taking control of volatility and business profits. Varying exchange rates and long-lead times made it difficult for Capitol Essentials to maintain fixed margins and pricelists

Capitol Essentials’ suppliers issue regular invoices in both EUR and GBP, however USD remains the currency of choice for payment.


Inefficient tracking of exchange rates and payments on spreadsheets, and relying on the spot market to pay suppliers, exposed the company to currency risk.


An online cash management platform provides quick and easy insight into currency exposures, and simplifies the management of foreign invoices.


Confidence in profit margins and budget forecasts has increased, and manual invoice management has been eliminated.

See currency exposures ahead of time

UK based Capitol Essentials partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to improve its approach to managing foreign currency requirements.

The company has decreased the risk of currency related losses through a cash management platform that provides powerful insights into foreign exchange exposures, customized and configurable analytics functions, and simplified invoice management.

Today, Capitol Essentials also use the WUSM GlobalPay Platform to quickly and easily make international payments online. With support from a team of risk management specialists, and new credit facilities in place, Capitol Essentials is better positioned to strategically protect its bottom line. 

Confidence in profit margins

Capitol Essentials now has clear insight into how market movements will impact its bottom line. After inputting foreign invoices and other documentation (using a simple drag and drop function), it can easily track upcoming payments, and eliminate blind spots in cash flow by summarizing foreign receipts in GBP.

In addition, new credit facilities have released working capital for sales-related activities instead of funding volatility.  

“I have been able to free up valuable time to focus on business growth, safe in the knowledge that my financial position is fully protected at the required level.” Brian Steele, Director, Capitol Essential

The Last
The resource that was once tied down manually tracking invoices and markets is now free to concentrate on more strategic tasks. With newfound certainty around budgeting and profits, Capitol Essentials is now better prepared for growth.
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