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PWN Event

On October 12, Western Union proudly co-hosted the panel discussion “Female Leaders in Finance: The journey to the top and future perspectives” together with PWN Vienna.  PWN Vienna is an international community of professional and business women and men who aim at reaching gender balanced leadership in business and society. Originally established in 1993, PWN Vienna is part of the Global Professional Women's Network (PWN Global) with chapters in 30 cities around the world.  Panelists included two of Western Union’s senior leaders – Joanne Hunger (Director Western Union Business Solutions in Central Europe and Ireland) and Sandra Simundza (Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer At Western Union International Bank), as well as Gundi Wenter (Partner at Deloitte Human Capital) and Claire Gates (CEO Paysafe Pay Later and CEO of Payolution).  Each of the women shared deep insights into their personal leadership journeys and offered some advice for aspiring future leaders. 


For Joanne Hunger, one of the keys to success is having a “circle of trusted people” around you that will keep you focused and looking forward. “They will point out your blind spots and stand united with you,” she said. “It is crucial to listen to those people.”  In her first leadership role, Joanne was introduced to the woman that became (and still is) her mentor.  She helped Joanne to navigate through the complexity of a global organization and supported her through the most lonely and challenging times.

According to Sandra Simundza, it is crucial to listen to feedback, especially when it is critical.  “If you want to be a leader, you need to really listen, you need to appreciate others and you need to be kind to people”. Sandra also believes leaders need to be mindful, curious, and never take anything for granted.  Sandra’s career spans several international companies and throughout, she has often faced stereotyping and unconscious bias. Her advice is to accept that the career journey is never a straight line and you have to be ready to face and overcome many roadblocks.


Both women stressed the  importance of networking and mentoring in overcoming unconscious bias. Their advice for female leaders of the future? Find a safe environment to ask questions and get support. Finally, be confident and stand proud – you are always good enough.

A full recording of “Female Leaders in Finance:  The journey to the top and future perspectives” can be accessed HERE.

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