Putting Payments on the Syllabus: Turning International Transfer Challenges into Opportunities

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In the space of just over a decade, education has gone from being a field with international potential to a stunning symbol of successful globalization.

Read this 6-page white paper which explores the cross-border payables and receivables challenges faced by higher learning institutions—and suggests simple, effective solutions to transform these challenges into opportunities.

Putting Payments on the Syllabus gives you a crash course in:

  • Why international payables and receivables have traditionally posed challenges for institutions like yours
  • Ways to help overcome the common challenges of receiving international student payments and paying overseas vendors and suppliers
  • How the right FX solution can enable your university to more easily accept payments from students, giving your institution a key competitive advantage

Download it now to learn how your institution can distinguish itself in a competitive international education environment.

Western Union Business Solutions serves over 400 education institutions around the world, helping them simplify their international payables and receivables and make life easy for students and staff.