Check to Electronic Payment Conversion

Converting from checks to electronic payments is a proven way to streamline your business’ processes, and reduce costs.

Why convert from checks to electronic payments?

Every check you send domestically and overseas can cost your company far more than the same payment made electronically. By converting these check payments to an electronically delivered format you will benefit from:

  • Reduced costs in payment processing and handling of vendor inquiries
  • Improved cash forecasting
  • Reduced time for posting and reconciliation processes
  • Increased ownership and control of your vendor database
  • Improved ability to report accurately and meet mandatory audit requirements

How can we help you convert to electronic payments?

We can help your company convert from checks to electronic payments with the aid of our Payee Manager solution.

Payee Manager offers the combined advantages of an electronic payment enrollment system and a vendor information management tool – all within one simple web-based application.

Payee Manager allows you to create an email based campaign, encouraging vendors and suppliers to sign-up for electronic payments. The process is intuitive and fully customizable, down to your company’s color scheme and logo.

Find out more about how we can help your business to convert from checks to electronic payments.

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